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Music as a Life Force: Susan McDonald

an interactive talk

Wednesday, July 29th, 5pm-7pm PST

Guitarist Susan McDonald will share stories from her dangerous and inspiring music journey in the Middle East. The conversation will take us to present day challenges and looking at what role music plays for our well-being and humanity. The talk will be followed by a live discussion with the audience and a Q&A session.

Technical requirements: Zoom (browser or app version), speakers, microphone. Webcam optional.

This event is free for VGS members and is $10 for non-members. We welcome support in form of donations as well - please choose an option that works best for you.


About Susan

Guitarist, composer, and storyteller Susan McDonald has shared her music all over the globe, from the Amazon to Iraq, from community concerts to Carnegie Hall performances.

She is the creator of a unique art called "Animal Ballets," a combination of her original music and video footage with animals as "dancers" to her "orchestra."

Susan has been dedicated to bringing music to people in regions of conflict or isolation. Through her nonprofit organization, Remember the River, she arranges support for students and artists in conflict zones through teaching, mentorship and donations of musical instruments and art supplies.

Susan is the mentor of the Orontes Guitar Quartet currently residing in Victoria, BC. The quartet members, originally from Syria, were able to come to Canada safely two years ago to continue their training and tour across the country.

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