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Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival (GVPAF)

Classical Guitar Section


The VGS is a big supporter of the classical guitar section.  Registration opened on January 9th and closes midnight on February 2nd


Rules for the 2022 in-person festival are now available. Visit Classical Guitar for the Rules and FAQ.  For more information contact the GVPAF: Email or Tel: 250-386-9223

We are in active collaboration with Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival and continuously encourage local students and performers to take part in all this festival has to offer.

We are excited to provide support to this year's Festival participants by reimbursing student solo registration fees on a first-come-first-serve basis.  For the Registration for Reimbursement Form click

Why do we recommend participating in GVPAF?


  • good goal setting opportunity for teachers as well as students

  • a solo and ensemble performance experience, competitive and non-competitive

  • adjudication and written feedback by renowned guest guitar professionals

  • an opportunity to listen to and meet other players your age

  • an opportunity to advance to provincial competition level

  • official awards and certificates for outstanding performances

  • opportunity to attend performances of other music disciplines


Congratulations to the following winners at the 2022 Classical Guitar section of the festival and their nominations to Provincial and National Festivals: 

Raphaël Mora Montailler - Junior Award - Victoria Guitar Society and Pepe Romero
Junior Provincial Merited Participant

Marcus Bellows - An Excellent & Memorable Performance, Junior - Victoria Guitar Society and Pepe Romero
Junior Provincial Competitor

Adrian Chen - Intermediate Award - Victoria Guitar Society and Pepe Romero
Adrian Chen - Orpheus Award, Best Overall Performance - BCRMTA Victoria branch in Memory of Elise LeGresley
Intermediate Provincial Competitor
National Festival Non-Competitive Junior Participant

Matthew Stott
Senior Provincial Merited Participant

Sophia Kozlov - Adjudicator Discretionary Award for Outstanding Performance in one Solo Class - Victoria Guitar Society and Pepe Romero

Thanks to those who played at the highlights concert on Friday night and to the invaluable Section Heads who make it all happen: Janice Brown and Natasha Pashchenko.

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