Online Masterclass with Rovshan Mamedkuliev

DATE: Sunday, December 13th, 2020 | TIME: 9:30am - 12pm

An online Zoom masterclass with Russian guitarist Rovshan Mamedkuliev for advanced students (RCM Level 6 and up). 


Many of you will remember his riveting virtuosic performance in April of 2019 or had an adjudication with him at the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival.


Students and music lovers of all ages can learn from and enjoy music by local classical guitarists with this online presentation.

Participation fee for 30mn: $40 (registration deadline: December 5th, video submission to VGS by December 10th)
Performer registration is now closed


Auditing fee: $10

Performer registration is now closed.

Rovshan plays Gran Jota by F. Tarrega

Online Concert by Rovshan Mamedkuliev

"Thank you. [My student] really enjoyed the master class and learnt a lot... Thank you for organising this wonderful event and please pass our regards to Mr. Mamedkuliev."

"Thank you to all of you………..he is fantastic guitarist and teacher………sorry I missed him when he was here. Happy to  attend as an observer.  I learned a lot. I have a new appreciation for Bach."

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